Growth Groups are a place to deepen your relationship with God while you connect with others. Each group discusses a topic meant to encourage your Christian walk. Topics change throughout the year, and are often based on books, scripture, or videos. Come gather with us and grow!*

*Growth Groups start back up on August 23.


Who: Any adult wanting to go deeper
When: Wednesday @ 7:00 PM
Where: Adult Classroom Wing

Check regularly for the latest Growth Groups (no sign-up required)!

Current Growth Groups:


Led by women, for women. Women’s CONNECT is a place to find friends, establish meaningful relationships, and grow confidently in your walk with Christ.

Parenting: 12 Huge Mistakes That Parents Can Avoid

We all want the best for our kids, but sometimes our own good intentions can misdirect their path. Join us as we learn from our mistakes and lead our children to become thriving adults and fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Walk Through the Bible

Come walk with us through the book of Galatians. Each week we will take a challenging, verse-by-verse look at God’s word and how it applies to us today.

Biblical Foundations

This year-round Bible study examines the areas of Christian belief that are foundational to your walk with Christ.

Life Lessons

In our Life Lessons class you will have the opportunity to study in-depth the lives of some of your favorite Biblical characters. As we allow them to mentor us through their stories as recorded in Scripture, we become better equipped for the role God has designed for each of us in His story that is still being written today!